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From time to time we’ll get questions that are asked over and over again. This page was created to answer many of the most frequently asked questions about laws in Northwest Oklahoma. Send your questions to


Q: If I have joint custody, do I still have to pay child support?

A: The child support guidelines come into play and depending on the amount of overnight visits and income for both parents, you could be required to pay child support.

For more information about child support or any other family law matter, call Katresa Riffel at (580)234-8447.


Q: My mother died without a will. What will happen to the Oklahoma land that she owned when she died?

A: In a probate, the land will be distributed pursuant to the Oklahoma rule of intestacy. Typically someone’s surviving spouse and/or children will inherit the property. Grandchildren, parents, siblings and other relatives may also inherit and interest in the land. If your mother owed anyone money, those creditors may have interest in the property as well.

If you have questions about probate, call our office and ask to speak with Jonathan Benham (580)234-8447.



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