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Read below for answers to commonly asked questions:

What is a Group?

The law firm of Riffel, Riffel & Benham, PLLC only offers LEGAL FREE to organized groups of individuals. These groups are typically businesses, professional offices, accounting offices, investment offices, banks, financial institutions, schools, colleges, universities, trade associations, cooperatives, non-profit organizations and other associations.

Who are Members?

Once the group offers LEGAL FREE, all individuals belonging to the group may elect to become a member and are then entitled to benefits. Individuals belonging to a group are usually clients, customers, patrons and employees of the group. These individuals are referred to as members.

What Does it Cost?

There are absolutely no costs to the group to offer LEGAL FREE to its members. It does not cost the members anything to either belong to LEGAL FREE or to receive advice or any of the complimentary services from LEGAL FREE.

How Does LEGAL FREE Benefit the Group?

LEGAL FREE benefits the group by benefiting its individual members. By being a part of a larger group, individuals such as clients, customers, patrons, or employees benefit by receiving complimentary and discounted legal services which would ordinarily be unattainable individually. Having their legal needs addressed and met, members can focus on their work and lives in general, making happier customers and patrons and more productive employees.

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