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Riffel, Riffel, & Benham, P.L.L.C. is pleased to announce its group legal program to be known as Legal Free. The Firm designed the program to make the process of obtaining quality legal advice much easier. Additionally, it is entirely complimentary.
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Riffel, Riffel & Benham, PLLC, is the leading legal professionals in North Central and Northwest Oklahoma. This highly professional and trustworthy group of attorneys is renowned for their winning attitude and impressive accomplishments. With offices situated in Enid, Woodward, Fairview, Kingfisher, and Cherokee, they are always prepared to assist clients with problems. This team of legal professionals is the one you want in your corner when navigating the basic issues, as well as complex legal issues. Their exceptional ability to handle intricate cases has earned them statewide and national recognition. Furthermore, their attorneys are honest, have high integrity, and are creative and innovative. It’s no wonder that Riffel, Riffel & Benham, PLLC remains at the forefront of their profession, always pushing boundaries and providing clients – regardless of their status – with unparalleled legal assistance.

Program Description

LEGAL FREE was created by The Firm to provide individuals with easy access to quality legal advice at no cost. Law is intricately woven into every aspect of our lives, and our actions, whether deliberate or otherwise, and can have significant legal implications that affect not only ourselves but also our loved ones. While most of us may not face legal issues regularly, there are times when we find ourselves in situations where we require professional guidance, feedback, and direction. However, such services often come with a hefty price tag, and seeking legal advice can be an expensive endeavor. It is often said that “talk is cheap until you talk to a lawyer.”

The process of seeking professional legal counsel can be convoluted, leading to more questions than answers. This complexity and cost often leave individuals feeling frustrated and hopeless, ultimately leading them to “wing it” instead of properly addressing the problem. As a result, the legal issue grows, worsens, and/or festers until it leads to much larger problems. That’s why LEGAL FREE was designed as a simple and effective solution to help individuals in need of legal advice.

Accessing legal help does not have to be complicated or costly. Riffel, Riffel & Benham, PLLC has streamlined the process of seeking legal help, effectively removing any obstacles or hindrances to receiving top-notch legal support through its innovative LEGAL FREE program. This program is accessible to businesses, associations, employers, and any other type of group seeking to provide legal assistance to their clients, customers, patrons, employees, or members.

LEGAL FREE provides the following services to members that are entirely and absolutely free:

  • Toll-free number and email access.
  • 72-hour response to member’s inquiries from a qualified attorney.
  • In-person, telephone or video conferences.
  • If an attorney is needed, the member uses an attorney of his or her choice.
  • All information obtained by a member can be transferred to and used by an attorney of the member’s choice.
  • If a member is without an attorney, 10% discount on legal fees provided by the Riffel Law Firm.
  • Complimentary basic services:
    • Counseling about possible problems or questions.
    • Second opinions regarding legal advice already obtained.
    • Full and complete assessment of possible problems.
    • Comprehensive and exhaustive solutions to problems.
    • Durable powers of attorney,
    • Advance directives for health care,
    • Basic real estate contracts,
    • Simple deeds,
    • Simple bills of sale,
    • Completion of Veterans Administration (VA) forms,
    • Completion of Medicaid forms,
    • Basic document review,
    • Calculation of child support,
    • Relocation notices, and
    • Notary services.
    • Periodic newsletter on current legal issues.

In the event a member lacks legal representation and wishes to hire Riffel, Riffel & Benham, PLLC, a 10% discount will be applied to the member’s billing statement.

Each member can access services from LEGAL FREE by simply: (1) calling the toll-free telephone number 1-855-410-0052 and providing the operator with the member’s personal identification number, or (2) emailing LEGAL FREE at and providing the member’s personal identification number.

For more information on how you can bring LEGAL FREE to YOUR business, please contact us

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